Switzerland Trains Outside Hostel Lausanne Geneva

What comes to mind when you think of Switzerland?


What comes to mind when you think of Switzerland?

Chocolate? Watches? Uber secretive Bourne-Identity style banks? Beautiful views of the Alps along Lake Geneva? Forget all of that. Switzerland should be famous for its showers.

I lived in a hostel in Switzerland for a month one summer (across the street from the trains pictured above). I could not believe how powerful the showers were there. You could have cleaned an elephant hide in 30 seconds with the amount of pressure these were putting out. As I made friends and travelled around the country, I realized that this was a the standard, from hostels to apartment buildings to stand alone houses. Switzerland had the best showers I had ever used. The sheer amount of freshwater in the country is certainly an advantage. Every corner has public fountains running fresh, drinkable water 24/7. This also translated into long, hot, guilt-free showers in the hostel after a day of adventuring.

So next time you’re traveling through Switzerland, skip Nestle, but don’t skip the shower. You’ll thank me. And your hostel friends will thank you.

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