We came across this amazing video and absolutely love Walter’s passion for traveling the world and meeting new friends. Every corner of the world is so vastly different from the next, but the human element is unchanging, even though it’s still unpredictable and wild. Walter probably got more out of life in these three years than many do in a lifetime.

Embrace your wild. Get up and go.

We hope he inspires you the same way he inspired us. Check out his incredible 3-year journey.


What comes to mind when you think of Switzerland?


What comes to mind when you think of Switzerland?

Chocolate? Watches? Uber secretive Bourne-Identity style banks? Beautiful views of the Alps along Lake Geneva? Forget all of that. Switzerland should be famous for its showers.

I lived in a hostel in Switzerland for a month one summer (across the street from the trains pictured above). I could not believe how powerful the showers were there. You could have cleaned an elephant hide in 30 seconds with the amount of pressure these were putting out. As I made friends and travelled around the country, I realized that this was a the standard, from hostels to apartment buildings to stand alone houses. Switzerland had the best showers I had ever used. The sheer amount of freshwater in the country is certainly an advantage. Every corner has public fountains running fresh, drinkable water 24/7. This also translated into long, hot, guilt-free showers in the hostel after a day of adventuring.

So next time you’re traveling through Switzerland, skip Nestle, but don’t skip the shower. You’ll thank me. And your hostel friends will thank you.

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